Carlo Carrizosa, an established Colombian designer and Parson’s School of Design alum, debuted his brand in 2014 with the aspiration of creating a ready-to-wear women’s label embodying the union of glamour and urban comfort: urban-Couture.

During his career, he has been significantly influenced by past artistic and social vestiges that harmonize with the unstoppable everyday life of a woman in constant need of sophistication. Carrizosa’s work is in a continuous quest to reconcile feminine and masculine lines by utilizing adaptable materials and creating structural statement pieces which embrace what women already are and empowers them to be who they want to be.

One of his lasts collections, BENET, finds its origins in the contradiction emerging from the clash of austerity and exuberance. In the words of Carrizosa, “when I see a friend staring at the mirror, I perceive the fight between how much skin should be exposed and how conservative she wants to be."

Carrizosa’s following collection CORINE draws inspiration from a close friend whose French wit follows her to the tropics portrayed in exquisite ruffles that play with Pastel-like hues in a resort setting. The designs offer effortless elegance for different occasions and notably detailed pieces that remain loyal to Colombian handcraft.